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  • Dental Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

Many people are looking for a dentist but the common obstacle they have is whether their insurance will be accepted or not. At CV Dental Care, we accept the insurance from widely recognized providers.

We accept all PPO plans. We will work with your insurance providers to ensure that your dental needs are covered as much as possible.





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    Don’t have insurance? Contact us now!

    We understand that you can need a dentist anytime. We are helping our patients by accepting the insurance from all providers.  We are certified to work with your health insurance companies to cover your dental procedures. Our team will coordinate with your insurance provider on your behalf to discuss your treatment plan.

    We file all the medical claims to your insurance companies so you don’t have to deal with the it.



    Elizabeth Previti

    “My first appointment at Canyon Dental. All staff was so friendly & professional! My hygienist Sarah was so thorough & competent. My teeth feel amazing. So glad to find a great dental practice since I am a retired dental hygienist!”

    Jilline Kasper

    “I had a very pleasant experience at canyon vista dental care. Dr. Bigler and his assistant kept me comfortable. The numbing didn’t even hurt when Dr. Bigler did it. Their assistant Ashley was super nice and when didn’t gag me when taking my impressions. The staff got along well and were pleasant to each other(which says a lot in my opinion) and patients. My husband now goes there and some other extended family members and friends. I would highly recommend!! Picture below is of my front tooth Dr. Bigler completely reconstructed. It’s my canine tooth on the right?

    Rachel Traynor

    “They fit us in their schedule and treated my daughter with care. She was nervous around dentist in the past but liked this place alot. Thank you to everyone!”

    Ricky Bohrmann

    “I am so happy to find him. He was very cautious during the procedures and he went slowly with my tooth extraction so as to cause minimum discomfort to me. I was treated very nicely by the staff too. Recommended!”

    Cindi Wilson

    “This was the first day I went here. I’ve never had a good experience with a dentist. They amazed me here. I had 2 temporary crowns put on today. No pain through the entire procedure. They continued to make sure I was comfortable. The dentist and staff are very friendly and honest. They answered all my questions and listened to my concerns. I’d highly recommend them. I’m keeping them as my permanent dental office.”

    Ashley Becker

    “Hands down the best dental office in Apache Junction! They have the best views that make you forget you are even in a dental chair. The doctors and hygienists are amazing! And the office staff are so friendly and helpful.”

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