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Partial Denture

Denture Rebase & Repairs

Denture rebase & repairs are a process in which the entire pink acrylic denture base is replaced without replacing the denture teeth. Denture rebase & repairs may be recommended when:

• The denture base has become porous or weakened
• The denture has already had multiple repairs and relines
• The denture base has become contaminated or discolored
• The denture base has become cracked or damaged
• 3-6 months following the placement of an immediate denture
• The patient cannot afford a new denture

How is Denture Rebase & Repairs done?

A new impression is taken inside the denture, just like a reline. The old acrylic is completely removed and a new one is then added around the teeth. A rebase changes both the inside and outside of the denture to produce a correct fit. A simple consultation with your dentist will help determine whether you need a denture rebase or reline, which is a similar procedure.

Denture Rebase & Repairs At CV Dental Care, we can help you understand the circumstances involved in loose, broken, or ill-fitting dentures. However, not all of these cases will require getting a new denture. A denture repair may simply solve the problem. We strive to provide prompt, quality repair services, using the best dental materials, so that you can get back to your schedule as soon as possible.

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